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Sales Excellence

The coherence of strategic goals and everyday actions is one of the basic requirements for top organizational performance – as we all know.

Because of the complexity of today’s working world and the often limited financial and human resources, this principle is only lived to a very limited extent in a large number of organizations. If the mostly high market goals are nevertheless to be achieved, there is only one way:
strategy and action have to be reconciled.

There are a number of components to consider at the different levels of organization, team and individual. It is also important to precisely analyze the culture, processes and structures and to transform them in close cooperation with those affected.

We succeeded again in this project – only that this time the accompanied financial services organization achieved absolute top performances:

The following goals were achieved in 17 weeks:

  • 18.03 million gross mortgages
  • 11.46 million gross deposit volume
  • 64 internal brokerage in other segments as well
  • 10 insurance contracts

A very impressive result that everyone was very pleased with. Not least because the target achievement massively exceeded the already ambitious target with 144%, 229% and 128%.

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