SAVE THE DATE - 24. April 2021: Bist Du bereit für mehr Geldfülle? Melde Dich hier zum nächsten Retreat Potentialized an.


Get your mind, heart and soul aligned to achieve your deepest wishes. Alignment is the necessary and crucial element to achieve your goals in a relaxed and authentic way.

Dive in our day-long retreat, get cleansed, recharge, and free your real potential. You will be guided through various exercises and be introduced to helpful tools for everyday use.

Each of our retreats has a specific topic, however what you can expect is a deep routed shift in the awareness of your possibilities and a precise imagination of how to make your goal happen every time.

Use the power of scientifically proven techniques to change you and your reality.

What our clients say:

“An oasis of calmness and protected room for real exchange. I felt immediately welcomed. Through your experienced and sensitive guidance, it was so easy to calm down and feel the own potential again. I take a lot of information and various exercises with me. I wouldn’t want to have missed that. It simply was a smooth and complete highlight.” Daniela Luft, CEO of Daniela Luft – Go Life

“Very powerful exercises that change a lot. Suddenly a lot comes back into flow and everything becomes feasible again – very impressive.” AS, Territory Account Manager in IT

“A very cool, relaxing and instructive event about how to manage your challenges and achieve your goals. Highly recommended for everyone!” Jimmy Tran, CEO of Mr. Smith

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